Personal Financial Planning

We can help you make an investment in the future.  Financial planning is important to individuals at all income levels.  Faced with ever-changing and more complicated tax laws, rising and falling inflation rates, and an explosion of investment opportunities, you will find that we can help you make the most of your money.

Identify Objectives

We analyze your total financial and tax position and help you identify financial objectives.  We take all of the components of your financial pictures into account, with the objective of targeting ways that help you make your assets, savings and investments grow at a rate that outpaces inflation.  We plan for deferrals and reductions to minimize your tax burdens, explain appropriate investment alternatives and help you build and diversify your assets.


By professionally assessing your financial objectives, assets, liabilities and income, we help you plan for your retirement.  We can:

  • Evaluate pension plan and project benefits at likely retirement ages

  • Suggest levels of contributions to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Keogh plans

  • Show how employee benefit plans might be the biggest source of retirement income

  • Evaluate the adequacy of insurance in meeting personal objectives

  • Determine the future needs of family members with inflation-adjusted projections

We are qualified to advise you on the tax consequences on your estate plans.  We outline the options available in apportioning the wealth you have accumulated over your lifetime.  With careful planning, we help you choose the most advantageous alternative.

For Everyone:

Financial planning is as important to individuals with modest incomes as it is to wealthy individuals with complicated tax situations.  Just a few of the many possibilities that signal the need for financial planning are:

  • Your estate is over the estate exemption

  • You want to plan for your children's education

  • Your spouse's paycheck now pushes your family income into a higher tax bracket

  • You are concerned about your retirement income

  • You are anticipating an inheritance

  • You own a business

  • You are not sure when you can financially retire

We are on top of changes in the tax laws and work with you to maximize your net worth while providing for contingencies.