Compensation & Benefits


  • We offer a competitive wage structure comparable to Spokane and the surrounding area

  • Wage rates are dependent upon experience and qualifications

  • Wages are paid in two semi-monthly periods

  • Employee job performance is evaluated annually

Fringe Benefits

  • Insurance

    • Group Medical 

      • Full-time employees (over 1000 hours per year) are eligible on the first day of the month following employment 

      • Firm pays employee's premium 

      • Spouse/dependents premiums paid are tax-free under our Premium Only Cafeteria Plan

    • Long-Term Disability Insurance

      • Full-time employees (over 20 hours per week) are eligible after six months of employment

      • Provided through Fortis Benefits Insurance Company

      • Pays 60% of an employee's monthly salary after a 6 month waiting period

      • Firm pays premium

    • Group Life Insurance

      • Employees working over 17.5 hours per week are eligible after six months of employment

      • Provided through AICPA Insurance

      • Pays 3 times annual salary, rounded to nearest thousand

      • Firm pays premium

      • Includes some Spouse/dependent coverage

  • 401(k) Retirement plan

    • Employees are eligible after one year of service (working over 1,000 hours)

    • Individual, self-directed accounts are set up through the American Funds

    • Individual may contribute up to 15% of their wages

    • Firm contributes a mandatory 3% and a voluntary matching amount

  • Paid vacation, sick leave & holidays

  • Professional licenses, dues & seminars are paid by the firm